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MenTamizh 2019

Tamil Word Processor
Manufacturer: NDS LingSoft Solutions
MenTamizh 2019®
The Ultimate Tamil Word Processor™

This All-in-One package comes with all the tools you need in Tamil software. This product is developed by applying            
Modern Scientific and Linguistic approach to Tamil Computing without compromising Rich User Experiance.

Language tools, Rich Text Editor for Tamil and English, Multiple Dictionaries, Publishing tools, 11 Multi Tamil Keyboards helps you input Tamil in any Microsoft Windows Applications. 30 Unicode Tamil Fonts comes with Font and Encoding converter lets you to use your documents in Unicode by converting between Unicode and others.


Ribbon Tamil & English Rich Text Editor with Office Look and Feel.

Spell checker Tamil Spell Checker to correct mis-spelled words with suggestions.

MS-Office Plugin MS-Office Plugin to include support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Sandhi checker Tamil Sandhi Checker for any addition, deletion or change of Tamil phonemes errors.

Dictionary Tamil-English, Synonym, Antonym, Suspicious Pair and Tamil Govt. Administrative Dictionaries.

Font convertor Reversible Font and Encoding Converter

Unicode 100% Unicode based Text Input, Processing and Output.


Tamil Spell Checker
  • Spell check your Tamil document words with suggestions.
  • Native Word Suggestions encourage you to use pure Tamil words instead of words originated from Non-Tamil.
  • Tamil word whether having suffixes or not could be analysed for its correctness with this Spell Checker tool.
  • You can even right click on any Tamil word to obtain Suggestions or Sysonyms.
Tamil Sandhi Checker
  • Avoid the most common Sandhi related errors which are automatically corrected when invoked.
  • Sandhi checker tool will check for any sandhi (addition , deletion or change of Tamil phonemes) errors.
  • Wrong sandhi as well as the failure in putting sandhi will be corrected.
  • Tamil - English Bi-Lingual Dictionary with 45,000 modern written Tamil words with English equivalences.
  • Tamil Synonym Dictionary to look-up Synonyms for the selected Tamil word.
  • Tamil Antonym Dictionary to look-up Antonyms for the selected Tamil word.
  • Suspicious Pair dictionary is provided to clarify with some words having suspicious phonemes (phonemes having much similarities in pronunciation).
  • Tamil Government Administrative Dictionary in Reversible Tamil-English is available.
Font and Encoding Converter
  • No need to worry about the non-Unicode documents. Any encoding could be converted by single stroke to Unicode.
  • Bi-directional Encoding conversion enables you to convert between Unicode and other Encodings.
  • These 16 types of encodings are supported, TAM, TAB, TSCII, TACE, IndoWord, Vanavil, SoftView, Kapilan, TBoomi, Baamini, Kanian, ShreeTAM, Elango, Mylai, Roman, Diacritic.
MS-Office Plug In
  • The one and only Tamil Software to offer MS-Office Plug In for Tamil Language Tools.
  • MenTamizh MS-Office Plug Ins include support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Plug In contains Tamil Language Tools to perform Spell Check, Sandhi Check and Dictionaries.
  • Type directly in MS-Office applications and perform Spell checking, etc,.
  • Works from MS-Office 2007 or later.